The Team

Our people and values that we uphold are the foundation of our success. Our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients is directly linked to the expertise, experience, responsiveness and dedication of our staff.

Our technical and management staff consists of professionals with industry experience of over 25 years and a proven track record in the development of mining projects both locally and internationally obtained with multinational mining companies.

  • Dr Gabriel Kamga (PhD)

    Lead Consultant & CEO

    Dr. Gabriel Kamga holds a Ph. D in Geology from the University of Franche-Comte, Besançon, France,...

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  • Prof. Baojin Zhao (PhD)

    Senior Consultant

    Prof Zhao has over 30 years of working experience in mining geology and exploration, hydro-geochemistry...

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  • Edward Swindell

    Senior Consulting Geologist

    Ed is an independent Consulting Geologist with over 38 years service as a geologist and geological...

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  • Don Botha

    Senior Consultant

    Don has 30 years experience in ore processing, process plants design and chemical analysis. He has...

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  • Garry Wills

    Technical Partner / Associate

    Gary is a Civil Engineer with 25 years of experience in mine development, specialized in construction...

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  • Moundi Mohammed

    Consultant: Geology and Exploration

    Moundi is a versatile and self-motivated individual with over 17 years of experience as a geoscientist...

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The technical team is made of highly qualified and experienced individuals (geologists, metallurgists, mining engineers, safety and environmental professionals) with international exposure including Southern, Central and West Africa.

Our team of mining specialist consist highly qualified and experienced individuals including geologists, mining engineers, industrial engineers and project managers with extensive experience in the design and operation of the entire spectrum of mining activities from exploration through to processing and full construction production and mine operation. The team, with international exposure including Southern, Central and West Africa is well equipped to address the challenges of capital intensive and demanding projects.

In addition, we depend on our network of associates and reputable professionals of the mining industry to provide discipline specific expertise:

  • Mining Geologists
  • Surveyors
  • Rock Engineers
  • Hydrologists
  • Mining Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers

Partnering with you to mine for future generations.