Prof. Baojin Zhao (PhD)Senior Consultant

areas of expertise
  • Mining geology and Exploration
  • Hydro-geochemistry
  • Geochemical assessment of solid wastes
  • Water quality
  • Geochemical modelling
  • Ph.D. in Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Economic Geology (1998), Dept. of Geology, Wits University
  • Diploma in Geothermal Energy and Technology (1992), Geothermal Institute, University of Auckland;
  • M.Sc. in Mining and Economic Geology (1985), Dept. Applied Chemistry, Chengdu University, China;
  • B.Sc. (Honours) in Structural Geology (1981), Chengdu Institute of Science & Technology, China

Prof Zhao has over 30 years of working experience (after completion of MSc) in mining geology and exploration, hydro-geochemistry and groundwater including geochemical assessment of solid wastes, water quality geochemical modelling (Equilibrium/Kinetic expert on Geochemist’s Workbench and Phreeqc), Static tests (Acid-Base Accounting, geochemistry), Kinetic tests (Humidity Cell) for water quality prediction in Acid Mine Drainage (AMD), hydrogeology and groundwater modeling. This includes teaching, research, consulting and mining geology.

contact details

+27(0)83 337 6532

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